Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013
Today we were all woken up early!! errr!! but we had some pancakes and sausages which were amaze balls so i didn't mind too much. Once we finished our breakfast we had to unload everything and do inventory and that was a blip in our time home but it was great when we finished. We had everything, even though i never found my wallet. Sadface. But i also cleaned our car with help from chance so our car is now clean!! and i slept most of the ride and had a pretty random dream, then we came to the Dry Falls and looked around and had lunch so it was alright, and watched a video that i didn't really pay attention to but i braided arianna's hair so yeah, and now im logging and tryna get home.. so im done!
July 26, 2013
Today in Nespelem, Colville we woke up at 7 i believe and got ready and met with and elder at 9 am. The elders name was Barbara Aripa and she talked covered many different things like she talked about how the earth belongs to us and we must take of care of all the natural things on the land because the land takes care of us and mother nature is our land. Barb would trail off into many different topics but another one was she talked about how in 1998 she was apart of a environmental project in Hanford and it was about how wind cycles through and can carry radio active particles and radiation which can cause cancer but not right away because as you know it takes 20 years to develop, so she talking about how when wind flows it can pick up radio active particles and when it flows it can bounce off the mountains and just cycles through so that is where the particles can travel and can hit people. Then she talked about how people would take more than needed like picking too much berries or taking too much salmon and how that can mess up the natural cycle of how or earth works because everything has a purpose and when that is messed up then it can effect the wildlife around it. Well now i am going to talk about when we met Rick Desautal, first he took us to the Fish Farm with Pacific Aquaculture and we got to go on a boat and look at trout, they had big trout and little trout, i got to feed the little trout. I didn't really listen to what he was saying or really take notes but i did enjoy looking at the trout especially the pretty blue ones and that is all i have to say about the fish stop. When we got back we had lunch and chilled for awhile and then we had got called down to the gym and Rick had brought some animal furs and a few skulls of the animals to compare and contrast, and we got to touch the furs and then we sat down as he talked about the animals and what they are, what they do and how they are different from other animals or overpower other animals. My personal favorite is the Black Bear because well my name is bear, anyway he talked about how bears are very smart and how bears do not hibernate they just sleep for a long time, other bears hibernate and are deep asleep but black bears just sleep for a long time, if you try bother a bear in hibernation you wont wake it up but if you bother a black bear it'll wake up. After he was done talking i started playing basketball with Eric, Chance, Terran and some other guy it was fun and then i helped setup chairs for a funeral then i kinda just chilled. The heritage students had finally awoken from their beautiful nap and started to get ready to prepare dinner and i got in the shower and took a very short shower and had eating a sloppy joe then we headed out to this site with rick and he talked to us about what we were going to be doing when we were howling at wolves. Then we headed up to a certain area and howled at the wolves in hopes that they would communicate back but sadly they did not. It was nice though, just the view was beautiful alone. When we all howled it made think of the movie stomp the yard, and the ride back.. oh my lanta i was wiped out! but when we got back i had macoroni and cheese and i passed out! that is all for yesterday.

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 25, 2013
This morning i was very very tired and had cereal who my friend got me and i very much appreciated that, i enjoyed our morning shower today although sweating for fossils later on didn't really help much. After the showers we sat around in the gym and caught up on our blogs. Once we had fiished our blogs we headed back headquarters to pack up and leave, we left maybe around 12 or 11 and headed to where i am right now, Colville but we stopped at the fossil area and i found one that was pine needle and some mineral thing. I think today was chill, we had pizza at this amaze balls pizza place nearby and watched the laser show at the Grand Coulee Dam which was very amazing although some of it was unnecessary and just patriotic but i bet that was point intended to use propaganda. i hoped to do my laundry but i guess not, oh wells just a day and half to go anyway so i think i shall be good. today was more of a driving day so not much i can into detail about and i will say that Wellpinit has a very nice school for a small reservation. And i had taken plenty handouts from the Grand Coulee Dam so yay stuff for my poster! and right now it is 12:17 so i am tired ad that is all thank you and goodnight.
July 24, 2013
Today we are at the Spokane tribe in Wellpinit and are staying on the tribes fairgrounds i believe, it is nice during the day but trust me at night it is very creepy and i can not go bathroom alone when it is dark. Early this morning we met many different people and not just adults or elders, there were youth as well. I don't quite remember all of their of names but i do remember everything we have done today. After meeting the people and getting to know them a little we had followed them out to the area where they track different wildlife using steel plates and and bate, i thought it was cool that they could track many different wildlife like wolves, bears, short and long weasletail etc.. Then after learning about tracking we followed them to the falls area and ate lunch then shocked fish and caught them, it was very fun although i got shocked in the butt because i was in the water and it felt very tingly. I caught i think 4 or 3 fish, and i was very proud of myself. After catching fish and releasing them we went back to the grounds and chilled for awhile but we went to the trading post and got drinks and snacks and such, most of the heritage girls had gotten aqua shoes, only 8 buck i believe or 7! Which helped i bet when we went swimming at the docks. When we were at the docks the water was a litter full of dirt but felt very good, warmer at the top and got colder towards the bottom, me and a few other students had swam out further than we should of and got a good story afterwards though so it wasn't all that bad. When each elder had spoke, i know i would remember it and i do hope i get to teach my childrens childrens children the same thing and so on. That sunset we watched was so beautiful i can still picture it. My tummy honestly had hurt the since lunch though but didn't really hold me back so i enjoyed today and will remember what my elders had to say.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 23, 2013
Today was a nice hang back sort of day, we painted finally and chilled back in the shade while we did that, i forgot t mention playing volleyball yesterday was very fun as well. Today was a very bad day for me, my head hurt, my stomach hurt and my throat hurt, i felt bad for being sick because i did not want to intrude on the trip. But it didn't stop us in much of a way so i think its all good. My favorite part of today was when i got to see one my older brothers whom i have not seen in maybe 3-5 years, i have 6 brothers who live in this in area, seeing just the one made me entirely happy, i was sad i had to leave because i enjoyed catching up with him and i was nearly tearing up leaving. I thought it was pretty crazy to see him considering he is staying at the same place i stayed for one night. i have not blogged much on this day but its all i want to blog about at this moment.
July 22, 2013 
Today was a crazy day, 4 t tires lost in one, that's how i will always remember this day. Today we are on the  Umatilla tribe or i see it as Pendleton, we went to the Umatilla National Governance and met Wenix a very nice kind lady who taught us about the land and how they only have certain amount of coverage of land where they can get food and on and off the reservation she also talked about the ways of the tribe and how they do things to gather food and get all of the groups of food they need. I honestly wasn't really in there when she was talking so i missed a lot  more than i should of and i was listening to her but i didn't get very much information in my notebook so it's kind of hard to get every good detail needed. i may not have much information on we had learned but today is a day to blog about! On our way to the grounds by the river we had lost two tires, one on the flaming eagle and one on the band wagon and on our way back we had lost two more tires both on the war pony. Even in the bad turn of events we end up saying in Wenix's backyard which was very beautiful, the only bad thing for me on this day for me is when i got sick twice in one night. But it wasn't all that bad, i was getting very well taken care of thanks to everybody. And people were up late having fun, i thought that was nice, even though they were all pretty tired they had fun. We had indian tacos for dinner which was amaze balls. i really enjoyed today even in the turn of events, it was nice. That is about it for me today.. oh and learned how to play stick games!
July 21, 2013
Today we had to get up early as usual but we had pancakes so i didn't mind too much but that was when i stated to notice i was getting sick but i thought nothing of it so i didn't mind too much. After breakfast we went to Joseph Fisheries and learned about the project they were doing at the moment, they're doing more than one i believe three but this was the more important project. We met many people but honestly wasn't really paying attention at the moment, still was feeling very sick. But when we went the office for the fisheries i read the poster and took notes on the poster that was in front by the door. It had the title of project, the methods and results which helped me better understand the project that i wasn't really listening in on. So I'm glad i came across the poster, for the methods it talked about hatchery Chinook salmon are trapped at the Lostine weir, located 1km above the river mouth and confluence with Wallowa river. Inserted lotek model MCFT-3A radio transmitters into 55 female, male and jack salmon, release salmon continue upstream migration. Fixed site telemetry monitoring stations and global water level loggers were deployed at Clearwater  and Sheep ridge and Caudle lane bridge to document fish passage through time of day and with KWM current flows. Mobile tracking was conducted weekly- vehicle and by foot and is used to detect radio tagged salmon between and above fixed sites to establish "final fate" locations on tagged fish. Detections determined passage and calculated elapsed passage time/delay at fixed sites, passage attempts. travel time, and rate of travel through reaches total travel and final locations. Results were Clearwater and Sheep ridge were nit barriers to migration salmon during flows experienced by fish in 2008. Fish went above over during flows as low as 28cfs at Clearwater and as low as 36cfs at Sheep ridge. Most fish (86%) went above over first structures on first attempt. More males than females during migration and more. We also went to Chief Josephs cemetery and talked about glaciers. Once we were done with that we went swimming which honestly felt amazing and just nice, even getting rocks was fun. I believe that is all.